The end of a marriage or domestic partnership is often a complex and emotionally charged situation. This is all the more true if children are involved, or if the divorce (dissolution) is a client’s first experience with the legal system. Brian P. Rigonan, the principal of BPR Law Group, compassionately and professionally represents clients through the divorce (dissolution) process, and understands the anxiety and strain that clients typically experience as they confront one of the most difficult and challenging chapters of their lives. Mr. Rigonan takes the time to patiently explain the various legal concepts and procedures so that clients better understand the process, can make more informed decisions, and can ultimately obtain the best result possible.

Because a divorce (dissolution) can involve the most intimate and personal relationships in a person’s life, it is frequently best that the parties keep conflict to a minimum to the extent possible. But when appropriate, BPR Law Group is an aggressive advocate for its clients, working to make sure they obtain a resolution that is fair and respectful.

BPR Law Group represents both husbands and wives, and is adept at handling issues involving child and spousal support, custody and visitation (including custody or visitation modifications), and division of property.

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